Friday, September 21, 2007

Cute Cat Pictures -- When is a Cat a Ham?

Cute Cat Pictures

or, When is a Cat a Ham?

Check these out, are they cute cat pictures -- or not.

No, they're not cute cat pictures. They're just pictures of Sammy, who is, for a cat, a real ham.

He somehow manages to always insinuate himself into every photo shoot. All you have to do is point a camera -- and he's right there. You'd think he was mugging for cute cat pictures.

For instance, one day Sammy's guardian decided she'd shoot photos of a beautiful tree in front of her house.

As she walked out with her camera, she saw Sammy streak past her. He raced ahead of her, and with one leap, jumped up on the tree.

Before she could position her camera, Sammy climbed up the trunk the tree and was soon balancing himself on the branches of the tree.

It wasn't her intention to take cute cat pictures -- all she wanted was pictures of the tree! -- but she ended up with shot after shot of Sammy.

She failed to take a single picture of the tree alone.

The funny thing is, until his guardian showed up with her camera, Sammy had never taken the slightest interest in the tree.

And he hasn't since.

It seems that all he wanted was to have his pictures taken.

Do they confer any evolutionary advantages? Do wild cats go around looking for photo ops?

Cute cat pictures, indeed.

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