Thursday, September 20, 2007

Choosing Ragdoll Cats

Here's a great video on choosing ragdoll cats. In 2 minutes and 16 seconds you'll get a great overview of the characteristics of a ragdoll. The narration is clear and the ragdoll cat they show is absolutely adorable!

If you're a quiet homebody type, ragdolls will probably be a good match for you. It's a low-energy cat, though it can be playful at times. It loves to follow its owner around like a dog.

You should be prepared to keep the ragdoll indoors at all times as it's a docile, friendly cat who won't be a match for any predators (human or otherwise) that may be prowling the streets.

Don't worry if you happen to own a large dog -- the ragdoll has a natural affinity for large dogs. It's also very gentle with children.

The ragdoll comes in 4 different colors (chocolate, seal, blue and lilac) and 3 patterns. Although it has a semi-long overcoat, it doesn't require a lot of grooming because there is no undercoat.

The ragdoll is a floor dweller, not a climber.

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