Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mean Kitty -- Episode 1

Here's Episode 1 of the Mean Kitty series. It's another amusing cat video by Cory Williams featuring Mean Kitty Sparta and a witch doctor he hires to cure the mean little kitty of his biting problem. It's such a funny video, my friend Pixie (guardian of the trio of felines I sometimes blog about) and I nearly died laughing.

If you haven't yet watched the mean kitty song video, it's uploaded on my previous post -- rather obviously titled "The Mean Kitty Song."

Cory Williams, also known as "Mr. Safety," is a viral film maker and TV show host, among other things.

If you like these videos, you might want to check out other videos by Cory on how he came to acquire the mean kitty in the first place and what the kitty's problem is. There's also episode 2 where he tries other tactics to stop Sparta from biting.

He (Cory, not Sparta) has lots of other videos that are great fun to watch, though they don't have anything to do with the mean little kitty Sparta or any other cats.

To see all other videos by Cory Williams, go to Mean Kitty

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