Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Funny Cats -- Bully for Sammy

More about funny cats. This one is about a handsome gray and white cat who is a bully.

Thug. Bully. Hooligan. Scar face.

These are the epithets that Sammy is known by in his neighborhood. Not funny cat, which is how I think of him.

Pixie, Sammy's guardian discovered this one night during a blackout when she walked around the neighborhood to see if anyone knew the cause of the power loss. She found out more than she bargained for. Sammy, it turns out, is not exactly what you'd call popular. According to her neighbors, he regularly beats up their cats. All the cats live in terror of him.

Ah, old iron paws. Who knew? Funny cat Sammy. He's not a big cat, he's not a fat cat, he's not a black cat, he's not a punked out hairless cat, and he's certainly not an ugly cat. And he's far from being a stupid cat.

No, Sammy is Mr. Nice Guy -- to humans, that is. Absolutely the sweetest cat you could ever hope to meet. Outgoing, social, and friendly, he'd put most two-bit politicans to shame. Pixie holds monthly Cash Flow games (the investment games invented and promoted by author Robert Kiyosaki, of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" fame) at her house. Although attendance has drastically fallen off in the summer, there've been times when 40 or more people showed up to play the games. Pixie's other two cats escape in terror when they see the hordes of humans. But not so Sammy. Undaunted, he makes the rounds at each table, not exactly shaking paws with them, but meowing at the guests in a reassuring way, trying to put them at ease. "Oh, what a sweet cat!" everyone exclaims. Funny cat Sammy.

Aside from being funny (a quality in males that never fails to win the hearts of women), Sammy is most gallant. If he happens to be sprawled out across the outdoor passageway that leads to the front gate, he'll escort Pixie or me when we come home -- or, for that matter, any guest of mine. He's not doing this because he gets a kick out of it (or a treat, since none of us are inclined to give him anything -- no, we don't want to turn him into a fat cat). Sometimes, it seems like it's a real effort for him to get up and walk us to the door. You can tell that he'd much rather remain flat as a pancake on the pavement. Or flash his vital parts for the entire world to see, as he engages in the public grooming that cats are so notorious for.

Yet, no matter what Sammy may be doing (or not doing), he never fails to greet us with meows, then do what he evidenly believes is the right thing, the decent thing to do. You've got to admire his dedication. His is definitely a purpose driven life.

And what woud our life be without funny cats, without cute cats (some may say stupid cats, but I disagree) to give us a bit of paws in our busy lives.

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