Monday, April 6, 2009

Even Cats are Twittering?

Seems like everyone and everything is all a-Twitter! In case you don't know, Twitter is a booming social networking and micro-blogging service. It helps people stay connected in real-time just by answering one simple question: What are you doing? In 140 characters or less.

Even cats don't want to be left behind. They're tweeting too! An engineer who has two cats created a cat door for them to keep the food-stealing neighbor cats out. His own cats are fitted with an RFID chip on their collar. When they come near the door, the door senses the cat is authorized and unlocks the flap. Well, that's nothing new. But here's the twist--

Each time a cat comes in or goes out, a camera above the door takes a snapshot of the cat and tweets a message via the cat's own Twitter account.

Okay Mittens, you have 140 meows! Go!

1 comment:

CYNDAI said...

That is pretty nifty, and a good way to keep track of the cats. :)