Saturday, January 3, 2009

Adopting Cats That Aren't Brothers

Adopting Kitties Who aren’t Littermates

Ever wonder how if it’s okay to adopt 2 kittens who aren’t littermates? It most certainly can be done especially if the cats are young enough.

Here’s an amusing story by my neighbor and fitness guru CJ. It’s about how she came to adopt two cats that weren’t brothers. Oh, by the way, I’ve introduced her cats in a previous post:

Kidney Failure

I had a cat named Maudie, who was sick with kidney failure. I had her from the age of 8 weeks until she was 19 years old. When she had to be put down I swore I would never get another cat.

The Cutest White Kitten

About one month after she passed away I went over to one of my friends house, and she had the cutest white kitten I had ever seen. Long hair, big blue eyes, I feel in love. It dawned on me that my friend Betty wasn't a cat person, yet here she was with this adorable kitten. I told her if you decide you don't want this kitty I will take him. She just smiled and said this cat has been waiting for you!

Naming Cats by the Color

She knew that one day soon after Maudie died, I would want another cat. So I adopted this kitty who was named Madison at the time. Part of the story is that my family has always carried down from generations.... color specific cat names....all white cats in my family whether they were male or female, were named Phooey. All yellow/orange cats that were male were Maynard and all female yellow/orange cats were Pinky.

Dumped in a Dumpster

After I adopted Phooey, I decided I didn't want him to be alone so I knew someone who worked with "pets in need" and they had a couple of abandoned kitties who were dumped in a dumpster after just 3 days of life. They were rescued and waiting to be adopted.

Hyper Kitty

I went to visit these kitties and one of them was about 4 pounds. He had long, orange fur and was as hyper as heck. He was running around like a crazy cat, attacking his brother, flipping over the litter box, and just basically being a kitty. I applied to become his owner but had to pass a home inspection first.

Just Like Brothers

Shortly thereafter, I adopted Rocky, who then became Maynard. They are about 2/3 months different in age, but have always behaved as brothers. They are going to be 13 next January. They are the first male cats I have owned and, I have to say, more affectionate than females.

Long Live the Feline Siblings

I hope they live as long as Maudie did—or longer because I cannot think of them not being around. Again, I swear I will not get another pet when they pass on, but I also know in my heart that I will.

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