Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cat Spanking

Why do some cats like to be spanked?

I've been disabused of the notion that Mittens is a sweet, innocent girl. Even though lab analysis has certified her to be a "good girl" (the official conclusion reached by her vet from examining her cells under the microscope), she is actually a lascivious, drug-addicted, sex-crazed feline. This morning she had me butt whack her by the scratching post -- so that she could nibble on cat nip and rub her face against the tall scratching post by the bed while I whacked her. The scratching post has been treated with cat nip, and the top acts like a serving dish where you can put little snacks on it. Occasionally, I leave out cat nip there for Mittens.

"Butt whacking" is the technical term my friend John uses to describe the act of gently spanking Mittens on the base of her tail. The only reason that I know that Mittens wants to be whacked on the rump is because Pixie, her owner, told me so. And because Mittens proffers me her butt -- ever so elegantly and eloquently. She crouches down with her head down, forelegs bent, and her tail and derriere raised high to fully expose—well, let’s just say that it’s not a view that should be seen in polite company.

So anyway Mittens assumes that posture until I oblige by whacking her rhythmically right at the base of her tail. While getting spanked, she face marks the bed, the desk, books, newspapers -- anything that's near her face. All the while, she purrs and purrs and purrs. Amazing. What a kinky little kit.

The other day I was on a call with a client via Skype when Mittens suddenly landed on my computer keyboard and mooned the webcam. Luckily, the other party had just stepped away—otherwise, there might have been some misunderstanding as to what message I was trying to send!

I suppose I can take comfort in the fact that Mittens is far from the only cat to enjoy a little butt whacking. I've now talked to other cat owners whose cats have a predilection for butt proffering. Here's a video of one cat who evidently enjoys getting smacked in the rump with a paddle!


kari said...

I wasn't sure why both my cats loved the butt slap so much so I googled it...can I just say how much I love google! This post and video had me lol'n so hard that I eventually started snorting, which turned into a little coughing session. Thank you!

Cheryl Chow said...

It is really funny what cats like, isn't it? My cat loves being "butt whacked." And I have a friend whose cat turned it into a ritual and a real game out of it. He wanted her to chase him around the house and then "spank" him! He absolutely loved it! At least he got some good exercise from it.

Anonymous said...

Pema loves to be spanked. She is a 12 pound lynx point siamese. I'm not just talking about a pat... A full-on hang stinging slap. Mitts the polydactyl doesn't much care for it but pema talks, rubs up against whatever is there,and kneeds like there's no tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

We also have a male cat who loves being spanked! It's too funny, the harder I spank the happier he is. My question is what are those paddles you have in your video and where can II get a pair?! Chewy is gonna alone those!!